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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.


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Im so excited that this new adventure has begun that its as if since lil Kyrie has come home im just in a haze. He is the most chill lil baby that I have ever met or could even think that a newborn could be. Im working on less that four hours of sleep now but I know that my daughter needs my help and the way she has just become super mom i cant do anything but sleep light and be right here.


The adventure or the wisdom in these woods is what enabled me to yearn to live and after a lifetime of only surviving that is exactly what i began to do in the woods , soon to be called my valley of peace. Not to mention the things that I was able to see and to learn and be able to remember who exactly that I was.


Written and recorded by Wild Wilbur

Have you ever seen the cross?

Are you humbled by the cost?

Have you ever felt the pain has he hung there beaten and slain?

Have you ever seen the cross?

Have you listened to the word?

Did you hear what Mary heard while she watched her son she gave kife meaning to taken to his grave?

Have you listened to the word?

Have you ever felt the Lord?

Put your grace before the sword?

Have you Given all your heart and sworn to make a brand new start?

Have you ever felt the Lord?

Have you ever seen the cross?

Billy Ray Eastin , my daddy wrote this a few years before he passed away and even though we wanted to get it out to everyone that would listen he battled Sarcoidosis. In wich there is no cure for this disease yet. My momma was right by his side to the end. Wild Wilbur loved music he played with various artist and even legends like Conway Twitty and Garth Brooks and even earth Wind and Fire. But the amazing part of is legand is the love and respect Green country showed after he passed. I got to hear all kinds of cool stories of how he performed and was just an over all good guy. Ive been trying to decide since he passed how to honor him and his music and today i just picked up my Laptop and began to blog. Possibly thinking about uploading his music to spotify or something just not sure yet. I hope i will get the chance to post all his songs on here and possible upload to a stream. IN MEMORY OF WILD WILBUR… You are loved and missed pawpaw..


The Intentional Dreamer

Photo by Jo Kassis on Pexels.com

I’ve spent my life carrying the weight of other’s expectations. Jumping through hoops, finding the little things that make them happy, pivoting/cancelling my plans to accommodate their needs. Always reading the room to make sure everyone was happy and had what they needed to be comfortable. No one returned the favor. I would walk on egg shells until I made sure no one was mad at me and that they saw the effort to make them happy. What I thought would endear me to people only led to expectations and when I couldn’t keep up with them, they shut me out and expressed their disappointment in me. They were also the last people I could count on when I needed them.

The more I saw myself behaving this way in multiple arenas (friends/family/work/meeting new people etc.), the more I realized that this pattern flat…

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It’s The Little Things

Dreams And Escapes

Have you ever experienced being alone in a crowd? Have your loneliness got the better of you and you felt crying?

When we were in the province more than a month ago, I saw so many relatives and friends that I’ve never seen for years. I felt elated for a while talking to them, sharing about life and death and dying. Many of my cousins volunteered to cook every day and prepare snacks (until Alden’s funeral) for our guests who attended the 6-day wake.

I would look at his coffin and I would cry silent tears of goodbye. How hard is it to let go? How hard could it be losing a sibling who is very supportive of your own family?

I think of people leaving this earthly life, is dying like falling asleep but you never wake up? I remember my sis-in-law’s story when Alden died. She was at…

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Most of the spirits that I have ever seen in a picture look nothing like those I have taken but the fact that I know I was the in fact the only person in the house and only the dogs were on the porch. So my question is do spirits and demons look alike? ?My second question is what in the world is really in this picture?

same picture just changed the color tone

I would really love feedback on this picture or even guidance to whom I need to contact to explain this picture. Posting to FACEBOOK isnt the real answers that I want or probably need . So hey why not post to my blog .This is just one of many crazy interesting pictures that Ive taken over the years. Now all I can seem to goolgle is are spirits really captured on camera?

June 17 2022

Two more days until Kyrie due date , I am super excited despite the fact that my best friend my sister the one who ive pretty much been social with since clints passing last august , are not speaking. In my defense I waas informed that my brother had killed himself and I had tried to reach her and i got no respomse for hours and so with my bipolar self i went in on her. Now i did apologise but that doesnt seem to make a difference i even went to her job and tried to speak to her but she just kept on ignoring me. Yes it stings but I guess people are only as loyal to you as there need is for you and so guess it is what it is. I really didnt see my grandson coming into this world with “aunt Missy” but hell i woulda always thought my cowboy would be up on that hill anytime I needed him. MY brother in fact did not kill himself it was just part of his crazy ex crazy game she plays. But he did show up for court and still goin to work even with her destroying everything he owns, Truly sad for him because its his first love . Hell he has only been outta prison a few years after doing 15 years for not telling. None of us are perfect but those that go out of there way to hurt or use others are just an extra set of twisted and those are the ones that really belong in cages and institutionalized. I dont seem to really leave my apartment anyways I dont plan or look for adventures and taking pictures like i used to . Maybe Im just getting ready be a GIGI, My grandma nick name , I am so anxoius but also nervous. This is my first Grandchild ever and I always thought I would have been alot older than this my first go round. I guess its better those who wont stick around go on and get out now because I want my only focus to be Kyrie once he gets here.

The man with long white hair and a beard

Val's Whitewolf Media

Today two hundred mile round trip,

Saw usual land marks,

Sand pit,

Old tall stump no arms thats decorated,

Three colored knee high mushrooms in a field,

I don’t know why there there they just are,

Three squadrons of geese flying in formation,

I never think if geese flying before fall,

Across from me at the Calmer ,Iowa foodbank sat,

Late of Louisiana ,

Moved to Iowa,

He said when he and his wife goes to Walmart,

She drives around and in a cart ,

She shops he waits at end of row,

Children always spot him,

His wife said to him he should shave and cut his hair,

He said he told her,

Its my hair I wear it,

To me he looked like grandpa from the Waltons,

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